a results-based, effective fitness program designed to support you in feeling your best, and healthiest


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IT’s all about how you feel – looking great is just a benefit

BODY is an app, and online platform, a movement and most importantly space for individuals to feel good, and evolve to being the best version of themselves.

It was created by combining two unique and strategic styles of workout: HIIT and PULSE, to give you the best results available and work your body 360 degrees.

These science-based workouts are designed for those looking for a no BS way to streamline their active lifestyle and finally the results you want.




HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

Short bursts of high intensity followed by brief low-intensity activity or rest repeatedly. This intense part of BODY my MM workout lasts just 10 minutes and will produce significant reduction in fat mass of the body. The exercises performed during HIIT should vary to ensure optimal results and targeting all muscles.

HIIT training not only improves cardiovascular health, it can benefit cognitive health as well.  HIIT is anti-aging, and  effective for strengthening and activating multiple musculoskeletal and aerobic systems of the body!



 A Combination of postures inspired by ballet, pilates, and yoga. Focusing on isometric strength training. It’s made up of mindful repetitions using a small range of motion working to lengthen larger muscle groups while focusing on strengthening accessory muscle groups, and putting focus on mobility and joint health.
PULSE improves flexibility, posture, and with just a 10 minute part of the BODY by MM workout you will have a elongated shape, and feel toned and tight.

PULSE is broken down into 4 catergories, upper body, lower body, booty (glutes), and core 

                            …one thing is clear:  HIIT + PULSE = RESULTS 

What’s included

Up-level your life

This accountability feature is like a video game. you have levels that unlock as you completed workouts. BODY even has secret levels. 

Anytime, anywhere

The workouts are designed so that you can do them from anywhere, anytime. There is no need for equipment.

Take BODY with you on your next trip, Fit it in at home while your toddler is sleeping, fit it in while studying for your next uni exam, the options are endless…

Mindful movement

Focus on activating and awakening dormant muscles. Taking the work out of the path of least resistance and placing it into areas that better support our joints and fluid movement

POSTURE, prehab

Correcting your alignment and posture completely effects how your body functions. With Meghan’s background in Kinesiology and Manual Osteopathy, this method is designed for training your muscles, (including the tiny accessory ones that often get left behind) for functionality and they support the body to a whole new level

Effective 20 minute workout

Body is made up of two main components: HIIT and PULSE.
This rediculously effective combo is scientifically– based and designed to get you incredible results with just a few workouts a week. 

so much Variety

Everchanging; never the same workout twice, and unique capsules that shwocase yoga, pilates, dance, and using BODY booty bands, and equipment for fun and challenging ways to workout.

360 degrees

Work every muscle strategically to define, and sculpt your body to your goals.

RESULTS guarenteed

Results you’ll be shocked to feel and see. “ONLY 20 minute workouts, and I’m feeling so tight and toned”. We guarentee it.


Exclusive online community of likeminded, hardworking individuals creating their best bod, living their healthiest and feeling their best


BOdy was created,

I took my knowledge of the human body, and the creativity I know my clients loveand  made an exciting workout. One that you’ll never get bored of.

It will transform your body, and give your mind exactly what it needs. Through testing on clients, we have seen extraordinary results in their physical and mental health since joining the BODY movement.

It’s 20 minutes. that’s it… so you can get back to your other priorities, whilst prioritizing yourself.

No matter what your role, you are the CEO of you…

If you’re tried and feeling underappreciated, with a lack of self-care or feeling at a loss as to “HOW” to get to where you want to be,  BODY is a great option.. Trust me.
You will be a better business owner, mom, or student, a better partner, friend or associate ALL if you take care of you first



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